Becky (giraffemommy) wrote in nintendo_wii,
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Wii remote cursor not showing up

Basicly what the subject says...the wii remote cursor is not showing up. I use a recharging system and I'm making sure it's fully charged, the sensor bar is set where it should be, and everything else is working fine. It recognizes when I press buttons on the wii remote (the + and - flips goes to the next page on the channels screen, and the home button brings up that menu screen). But the little hand is nowhere to be seen. I have tried all matter of positions in the living room to find a 'sweet spot' but the cursor never shows up. I have tried moving the remote all around to see if will select anything even if the cursor isn't visible, but no dice.
Anybody come across this before? Do I need to just suck it up and buy a new wii remote? or just new rechargable batteries? or am I completly wrong and it's a problem with my sensor bar?
(I did just read on the nintendo website a few things to try to get the remote to function again, I'm going to try some and will update this post if something fixes the problem.)
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