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I becomes Wii to form the Wiivolution

For fans of Nintendo's Wii

Nintendo Wiivolution
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All Members , Moderated
For fans of the Wii, formerly codenamed the Nintendo Revolution.

The replacement community of nintendo_rev

For an FAQ, visit GameFAQs.

Wii is now available worldwide! Get yours now!

Game-specific communities:
-Super Paper Mario: super_paprmario

General rules:

Be aware of the mods: The head mod is ayumiin and the other mods are bahnof, peach_gal, and red_eyed_yoshi. If any of these people step in and give a warning, please take heed and proceed with caution. If there's a problem, e-mail ayumiin at nezumitsukimi@gmail.com .

Please stay on topic: The interests do not define the topics that are allowed here. They are merely so people can find the community. In general, discussion is to stay on Wii, its game, its accessories, and pretty much everything else Wii-related. DS talk is allowed only if it's about the Wii-DS link. Otherwise, that talk belongs in nintendo_ds. So, no political discussions unless it's about a politician getting hit in the head by a stray Wiimote.

Post content: Keep in mind that this is not your personal journal. Please do not post things that would better belong in your own journal. This includes, but is not limited to, posts that say you just got a Wii (unless you have an interesting story or a question to go along with it) or a game.

Multiple posts on the same topic: Before you post, look at the other topics. Your news may be old news from as little as a day back. If you don't see it, go ahead and post. If you do see it, feel free to join in the conversation. If anyone replies to a post of yours that's of an old news story or you realise it's old, you have one day to delete it yourself. Otherwise, a mod will step in and delete it without warning. Repeat offenders will recieve a warning and then will be no longer allowed to post after a second warning.

Cut rules: First of all, if it is NSWF at all, regardless of type of content, put it behind a cut. If the picture is larger than 400X400, put it behind a cut. ONLY unreasonable lengths of text (like an entire news story) are to be put behind a cut. Do not make a cut for 2~3 lines of text. However, if it's for a spoiler, ignore all other rules and put whatever information you have behind a cut no matter what. Embedded videos may rest outside of a cut (unless there are several complaints) but please give a discription of the video. More than one video should be cut.

Wii Friends Code: Put them here: http://wifico.net/ . Please please please do not make a post with just your code. If you want to attach it to a post you're already making, please feel free. But otherwise, use WiFiCo so that all of our friends pages can be saved.

No personal attacks: Any attacks on any member will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

Flaming: Just don't let it happen. If any arguments arise, please solve them in a timely manner. If they begin skewing a post far off the intended subject, the thread of replies will be frozen and offending members warned.

Speak like mature adults: We're over 13 here, so let's act like it. Excessive swearing will recieve a warning and then a temp ban. Repeat offenders will recieve a permaban.

Advertising: No community advertisement period unless it's approved by a mod. As far as advertising things to sell, they must be Wii-related (consoles, games, accessories). From now on, any advertised auction may start no higher than the price at which you bought the item. Any generally advertised sale item must be the price you bought it for. In general, this is not the place for you to make a profit. Also, since this is not a place for advertising, please do not join just so you can advertise something. Any posts violating this rule will be removed without warning (no punishment to the poster unless it's a repeat offender).

No self-moderation: If you are not a mod, you are not to delete any replies in the entries. Deleting replies makes it more difficult in a situation where there has been an argument and moderation is needed. Doing so will result in a warning and replies along that thread will be frozen. A ban will result if it happens again.

Read the Manual: Why is your Wii glowing blue? Read the manual. How do you sync controllers? Read the manual. Many problems, concerns, or just general info about the Wii can be easily found in the manuals. Before posting a question concerning the Wii hardware itself, please thoroughly read the manuals that were included with your Wii. If you lost the manuals, Nintendo has them online here. If you still need help after reading, then you may post your question (you may want to note that you have read the manuals in your post, that way people won't tell you to "RTFM").